The University Clinic of Nephrology got a completely renovated intensive care unit, as well as the departments for chronic and acute dialysis, the department for kidney transplantation, as well as the department for vascular access.

With this investment, the quality of health care has been significantly improved. This clinic is the only institution in the country that treats the most complex patients with kidney disease.

With the renovation, the medical inventory was completely replaced, as well as the inventory in the auxiliary rooms for the medical staff, and the vascular access room for the patients on chronic hemodialysis program was renovated.

In addition to the construction works, which completely changed the appearance of the clinic, a complete replacement of the hospital beds and auxiliary non-medical equipment was made. Otherwise, in the part of medical equipment, a new EHO device was procured, patient-monitors for monitoring vital parameters in the intensive care unit, and the installation and the oxygen supply were replaced. A modern surgical chair and lighting have been purchased, and the instrumentation has been completely renovated, which significantly improves the conditions for both the patients and the professional team of nephrologists, who perform complex procedures, such as arteriovenous fistulas, permanent and temporary. catheters for hemodialysis, etc.

In order to improve the treatment of patients with renal diseases, modern devices for continuous hemodialysis methods are provided for the treatment of the most complex patients with renal failure, who require intensive nephrological care. An apparatus is also provided for procedures for purification and plasma replacement in patients with systemic diseases, such as glomerulonephritis, systemic lupus and other patients with combined systemic nephrological, rheumatological, hematological, cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

Teams of nephrologists and infectologists are also preparing for specific treatment of the most severe patients with Covid-19 infections, who are indicated for the treatment of the so-called “cytokine storm”, according to accepted world protocols.

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